Financial Advice

Our phone often rings with a common statement at the other end of the line:

“We need capital”

Fact of the matter is, the need for capital is a symptom; root cause can be both positive or negative. Knowing the “Why” before the need will make the most of your next financing. In other words, you don’t need money, you need a plan for the money. This is, in our experience, a critical difference between finding the capital you need or not.

Some of the areas we delve into when advising on the type, source and uses of capital to help your business:

  • Strategic Financial Planning: Choosing the right type and source  of capital… And knowing why
  • Performance Improvement: Financial and Operational KPI Development and Implementation
  • Managment Accounting Analysis: Understanding True Costs. Margins and Profits. Understanding what drives value
  • Accounting Department Elevation: Bean Counting vs. Forecasting
  • Valuation and Transaction Support: Have a finance expert on your side of the table