Client Profiles

Our clients come from a varieties of industries and countries. Below are the three general categories where we’ve made the largest impact

Established SME Business Owners:

  • Financing a business Initiative
    • In search of growth and profits
    • Financing purchases, replacement or expansion
    • Adjusting capital structure for greater effeciency
    • Strategic Transaction (Buying a competitor)

Startup or Newer Businesses:

  • Planning, forecasting and budgeting: How much money do we need?
  • Monetization strategy: Evaluate how you make money
  • Valuation for capital raising: What should we give up

Exit/Succession Planning:

  • Return on the¬†FINAL¬†investment by an entrepreneur
    • Initiatives to maximize the value before sale
    • Understanding the capital needs and return of various scenarios
    • Is this effort worthwhile?
  • What’s it worth to different buyers?