Business Succession Planning

They’re called cycles because they repeat

We work with two major groups of clients at the extremes of the business lifecycle:

Startups and Succession

While the two may seem unrelated they are actually a joining point on a natural loop. Where one ends the other begins.

Valuable assets will always organically pass in the form of knowledge, people or assets from old ventures to new. However, for them to have ‘SELL’ as a business, they must retain value as a group of people and processes working together towards profits.

For this to happen, a transitioning company must effectively reform using the best of its resources, using many of the tactics startups use, towards a new vision. One new owners can buy into and get excited about. This is beyond ‘communicating’ existing value… Its forging new value.

The more value (people, processes, assets), the more interested buyers, the higher the sale price.

Succession IS Startup

Specializing at these critically related life stages helps us guide ‘sun down’ firms into a new day. Doing it cost effectively ensures monetizable value is created, exchanged, and sustained.

Our ability to bring startup energy and focus to mid size businesses is why we are able to create transitionable value.