Service Commitment

Our service commitment to our clients and their business includes:

  • Commitment to excellence: exceed expectations through high level of competency
  • Commitment to help our clients define and reach their goals
  • Professional Conduct including timely communications, fair and equitable conflict resolution, fair pricing and billing
  • Loyalty to customers: will not advise your direct competition while under contract, or subsequently, for advice covering the same scope and time period
  • Strict Confidentiality, Integrity, Independence and Objectivity
  • Code of ethics and personal values: we not only believe in behaving legally or ethically, we conduct our business according to the highest value system any of our clients demonstrates
  • Clients feeling fully supported for as long as it takes
  • Continuity: working with an independent consultant offers our clients a personalized experience with a sense of continuity between various engagements
  • Access to leading edge academic research, expert opinions and a board of Advisors with over 100 years combined Executive experience, from leading Accounting, Finance and Consulting firms